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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

2013 DVD teased on US 'Blue Mountain Mystery' release

The first Thomas & Friends DVD for the year of 2013 has been confirmed on a recent US release.

Teased on the American Blue Mountain Mystery DVD, a still advertisement for Go Go Thomas! can be seen. A tagline on the advert reads; Racing onto DVD Spring 2013.

Speculation has mounted that Season Sixteen episodes will feature on the disc. While this has yet to be confirmed, a book spinoff using the story, Flash Bang Wallop!, is due for a January rollout.

Appearing on the teaser is a new promo shot of Thomas, where a visual difference is noticeable. Because of this, fans have gone as far to contemplate that Season Seventeen stories will premiere exclusively.

Despite the theories, the new series is still in production at Arc Productions, under the auspices of Kallan Kagan, Rob Silvestri and head writer, Andrew Brenner.

Go Go Thomas! is coming soon to US DVD shelves in the Spring of 2013.

1 comment:

  1. I think the feeling is that it will contain Season 16 episodes, but the artwork is by Arc Productions. It certainly looks different to the usual Nitrogen shots :L