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Friday, 28 September 2012

Athanassiou publishes rough character designs online

Dino Athanassiou has revealed more character designs that were used during the production of the Twelfth Series.

The Season Eleven and Twelve animation director was responsible for the auspices of the CGI manipulation for the 2008 season.

Launching his own website, the Stardust Pictures helmer backgrounded on his contribution towards Shark Tale, Attack the Block, Space Jam and Thomas & Friends, as he explains below.

I was initially asked to consult with executives at Hit Entertainment to find out if it was possible to include CG elements to the existing look of Thomas and Friends.

I consulted with my friends at Nitrogen Studios and had them produce two pilots. I was then asked to direct the shows and was able to work with Nitrogen Studios.

As well as direction, I was also asked to re-design all of the human characters in the series.

Unearthed sketches show the original perceptions made for most of the human characters eventually transitioned onto screen. Two of the younger generation were revealed to be given the names Pansy and Patrick.
Less successfully was the unheard of idea to give Annie and Clarabel grey faces in order to mix in with the majority of machine lifeforms present on Sodor.

The problem with the current design is the face is stuck on and has no real edge in which to match to. Making this Annie will allow for a full range of facial expressions.

Also added is CGI builds for some of the humans and animals, giving glimpses for their front, side and reverse positions. Athanassiou's preview videos for the animation tests are too linked.

1 comment:

  1. That's a fantastic find! I hope they put more designs on there in the future!

    I can't imagine Annie and Clarabel with a 3D face! That was by far the best part of the character designs!