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Friday, 7 September 2012

'Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie' a UK DVD bestseller

Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie is en route to becoming the most successful Thomas & Friends film to date.

The special which has pulled in more favourable reviews since Hero of the Rails has also exceeded expectations at the cinemas and on DVD in the UK.

On its first week of release, the DVD has charted in 3rd place on Sainsbury's DVD Bestsellers list.

Though beaten by Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and The Hunger Games, Mystery has pulled off stiff competition from the likes of The Big Bang Theory, Boardwalk Empire and Piranha 3DD amongst others.

In Tesco's nationwide stores, not only has the special been awarded 5th place in their DVD Film Chart, but also being the 12th most recommended title in the New This Week section.

Over on amazon.co.uk, Mystery is currently at the 19th position in the Bestsellers in Film & TV column after falling a few places down from its pre-ordering status.
Lastly on hmv's Best Sellers list, 58th place has been donated to the DVD in a grudging popularity stake with other new and existing releases.

Owing to popular demand and ticket sales, Vue cinemas is to screen the movie again this weekend in all their screenings nationwide for the second week running.

Blue Mountain Mystery returns to UK Vue cinemas nationwide this weekend on Saturday September 8th and Sunday 9th at 10:15am. The DVD is available to buy in shops now.

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  1. See, HiT? :) A TV special can be nicely written AND sell good.