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Monday, 24 September 2012

Stanley launched in space for successful YouTube video

A YouTube clip featuring a Thomas Wooden Railway model has become a literal global hit.

A Toy Train in Space sees a son's father attaching a model of Stanley the Silver Tank Engine onto a balloon, leading to the two, coupled with a high-definition camera, to be floated into outer space.

The out of this world move dedicated to his son was made by Ron Fugelseth who works as a creative video director in California, USA.

The clip uploaded on September 20th has since made a massive impact on audiences with the real life experiment clocking up an astonishing excess of 900,000 views on YouTube within a few days of release.

Publicity has also been mounting with The Huffington Post, Thomas & Friends and PIXAR and Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich all tweeting about the video.

I love these videos SO much. @RonFugelseth goes right to the front of the awesome dad line, @leeunkrich said.

We love this video featuring Stanley traveling to space. The video was highlighted in this morning's USA Today, @TrueBlueEngine followed.

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