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Monday, 8 October 2012

2013 Wooden Railway line revealed by The Train Cellar

Toy stockists, The Train Cellar have unveiled the new Thomas Wooden Railway lineup for the year of 2013.

With many re-releases being the main priority such as the returns of Ferdinand, Rosie, D199 and Scruff, new products also join the trend.

Some multi-packs base scenarios from Season Sixteen episodes such as Race to the Rescue, Percy's Musical Ride and Happy Birthday Special.
On the subject of the 2012 series and Blue Mountain Mystery, Winston, Luke and the long-awaited Stafford represent the new engines and vehicles with their official depictions also revealed.

While Thomas, James and Percy rejoin the Battery Operated Engines, Hiro and Diesel participate for the next year.

Though Thomas returns again, Toby, Gordon, Emily and Spencer follow with their involvements in the fresh Talking Engines.

With a limited number of original destinations, the Wood Chipper add-on becomes the only latter to be made.

The same occurs to playsets, with Flash Bang Wallop! being adapted for the Farmhouse Pig Parade, albeit, with a partly edited plot.

The Thomas & Friends 2013 Wooden Railway series from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide starting from next year.

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