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Monday, 22 October 2012

Gary Barlow becomes Thomas narrator on 'Xtra Factor'

Take That and The X Factor's Gary Barlow made a surprise guest role as The Narrator on an ITV2 show.

The artist and performer voiced a scene from the Sixteenth Series as a joke by presenters Caroline Flack and Olly Murs live on October 21st.

Flack and Murs compared Barlow's voice to current UK storyteller, Michael Angelis who was not mentioned in the actual program. An arrangement of the original series theme was played when the conversation commenced.

Last week on our day off, Caroline and I were watching cartoons, and we came across Thomas the Tank Engine, Olly quipped.

And we thought the voice of the narrator sounds a bit like a certain someone on the judging panel. And when we mean a certain someone, we mean you Gary, Caroline teased.

A clip from Muddy Matters was shown, starting with The Fat Controller announcing the go ahead of the Sodor Farmer's Fair. An initially reluctant Gary commented; Why? You're not making him sound like me do you?.

Much to the delight of the studio audience, Barlow's somewhat uncanny narration proved a success. I've got three kids remember? I'm used to reading stories.

The X Factor spinoff prompted an enjoyable raft of tweets with viewers approving of Gary to join the series, comparing his verbal resemblance to Angelis and responding to the hilarious side of the skit.

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