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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Timber Yards renamed 'Sodor Lumber' for Take-n-Play

The Timber Yards is next in line for Fisher Price's focus on Sodor's locations for the Take-n-Play series.

Primarily for US audiences, Sodor Lumber Company is the new name for a set snapping up the ever present Thomas as the main player.

Designed with another fold-up action, the product is built as a starter set with a lumber company mill cabin tacked onto an oval track layout.

The reverse states; Thomas is hard at work picking up special deliveries from the Sodor Lumber Company! Take him through the mill and past the buzz saw to pick up his cargo!

Advertised on the rear is the available to buy Twist & Tumble Cargo Drop and two fresh products.

A similar track piece joins a seaside crane and Norman the Monobrow Diesel for Brendam Docks while Percy is gifted as a free engine for a collectable Tote-A-Train Playbox.

Take-n-Play Sodor Lumber Company, Twist & Tumble Cargo Drop, Brendam Docks and Tote-A-Train Playbox are available to buy in stores worldwide.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

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