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Monday, 29 October 2012

Confirmed: UK 'Merry Winter Wish' dubs audio dialogue

The United Kingdom's Merry Winter Wish DVD has been confirmed to be featured in edited form.

Owing to the poorly appreciated British release date delay due to the winter holidays controversy, a small number of fans have spotted noticeable alterations on the audio track.

Using extensive dubbing, all episodes on the aforementioned English speaking disc have replaced winter holidays with christmas holidays.

The news is most certain to reprieve positive attention from fans who lambasted the use of the incorrect term since the Ninth Series.

lg77612 was the first person to find out about the change; I downloaded 2 episodes from the Merry Winter Wish UK DVD On iTunes and the audio is changed from Winter Holidays to Christmas Holidays.

It seems the reason for the delay was so Hit could redo the audio so that it was Christmas Holidays instead of Winter Holidays.

Merry Winter Wish is now available to buy on UK DVD and on iTunes from Hit Entertainment.


  1. At least its a step in the right direction, but the Holiday's name should be dropped alltogether.

    Still, all will be said when i review it when it arraives.

  2. Still not buying it. HiT STILL don't realise that these DVDs are far too expensive for what they are. They add two episodes and the price increases by £2.

    1. Asda online currently retails it at £7.00 - cheaper currently than Base.com - yet for 20 episodes, £6.50 each for S1-7

  3. Hmm, seems like HiT's falling into the disclusion of other religions act.....well, now children who don't celebrate Christmas aren't even going to be mentioned.

    Saying this for the last time, why is everybody going crazy over this? It's annoying, and people like me who don't celebrate are treated as if we are invisible or don't exist altogether, just so you can hear your holiday instead of yours and everybody else's.