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Friday, 19 October 2012

Australia's 'Rusty Saves the Day' turns iTunes product

Australia's Rusty Saves the Day DVD has become a part of iTunes' Kids TV Shows library.

The specially made package uses the above episode as a headliner, despite it coming ninth in the episode playlist.

With certain stories from the Sixth Series featured, a small measure from Season Seven assists.

The synopsis summarises; Skarloey and Rheneas' old line is too battered for them to run on, but Rusty has a plan to repair the line when the quarry is briefly closed down. Join Thomas & Friends for 12 exciting adventures!

Jack Jumps In, It's Only Snow, Gordon Takes a Tumble, Buffer Bother, Toby Had a Little Lamb and Thomas, Percy and the Squeak serve the first half.

Edward the Very Useful Engine, Dunkin' Duncan, Rusty Saves the Day, Faulty Whistles, Emily's New Coaches and Percy Gets it Right follow.

Rusty Saves the Day is now available to buy on iTunes in Australia for $16.99. Episodes can be purchased individually for $1.49.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

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