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Monday, 28 January 2013

Exclusive: Thomas mags for print every three weeks

Egmont have confirmed that Thomas Express magazine in the United Kingdom will not end.

Growing concerns over the publication of Issue 325 of Thomas Express arose when the previous on January 16th did not bill a next issue page.

Thomas & Friends Magazine however on January 9th reported that the next issue to arrive would be a continuation of the former, leading to confusion among readers questioning the future of Thomas Express.

Egmont's Buying Assistant, Natalie Ewin has now confirmed that all is safe, Roll Along Thomas can reveal, elaborating that both magazine series will come out every three weeks.

Thomas Express is not discontinuing. I can confirm the issue fans bought was 324 on sale from Wednesday 16th January to Tuesday 12th February.

This should have been printed onto the bag (bottom left) and the magazine (top left). Issue 325 will be in the shops for you to buy on Wednesday 13th February.

Ewin has also guaranteed Thomas & Friends Magazine to run all the way up to December before a potential series renewal in 2014; Thomas & Friends will be on sale on the following dates.

658 30-Jan, 659 20-Feb, 660 13-Mar, 661 03-Apr, 662 24-Apr, 663 15-May, 664 05-Jun, 665 26-Jun, 666 17-Jul, 667 07-Aug, 668 28-Aug, 669 18-Sep, 670 09-Oct, 671 30-Oct, 672 20-Nov, 673 11-Dec.

Thanks to SI3DFilms and SteamTeam.

1 comment:

  1. They have done this before. There have been a few magazines released that haven't stated when the next issue will be released or what it will look like...