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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Toy World talks 'King of the Railway' and Thomas Land

The latest volume of Toy World has given an insight to plans centering around the King of the Railway movie and the Thomas Land UK theme park.

On page 70 of the business magazine, a build-up of publicity and merchandise is mentioned to tie-in with the release of Arc Productions' first Thomas & Friends story, King of the Railway.

This movie premiere will be coordinated across the lines of the business, with over 50 tie-in products from around the world.

This global pre-school event will launch with blue carpet premieres in key territories across the globe for the first time, from coast to coast in the US, Germany and the UK.

Global SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for Take-n-Play, Trackmaster, Pre-school and Thomas Wooden Railway will be unveiled in Nuremberg and in NY Toy Fairs, with the SKUs that support King of the Railway.

Teasing the film, an array of surprises is promised also in relation to Arc Productions's CGI first previewed last week.

The quest-themed special will offer viewers more vibrant and colourful animation, exciting and engaging storylines, as well as some special guests and new locations.
A first look at the DVD cover on page 73 shows a promotional shot of Thomas and Stephen the Rocket racing on the rails away from Sir Robert Norramby's castle.

Although the film dominates the magazine's Thomas coverage, a small update on Drayton Manor's Thomas Land tells of a major milestone due to commence later this year at the Staffordshire park.

Drayton Manor Theme Park in the UK is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its Thomas Land attraction in 2013. Hit Entertainment is joining the park for a series of specially planned events to mark this anniversary.

King of the Railway: The Movie premieres in the UK, US, Germany and Australia from this September.

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