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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

'Thomas Story Time' five indicates Series Sixteen stories

The fifth lot of Thomas Story Time books are due to go on sale later this summer in the United Kingdom.

The next five titles are to be based on episodes from the Sixteenth TV series. The news comes nearly two weeks after the January releases became available for purchase.

Plot outlines released by amazon.co.uk have become varied for at least two of the adaptations while the other three are in full detail.
Express Coming Through!
Some very important visitors are visiting the Island of Sodor and it's up to Thomas to show them around. Will he be up to the task?

The Big Surprise
Based on Sodor Surprise Day.
It's Sodor Surprise Day - the day when friends try to surprise each other and make each other laugh! Thomas loves Sodor Surprise Day. But Gordon doesn't. Gordon thinks it's a silly day for silly engines.

Thomas is determined to make Gordon laugh, so he follows him all over Sodor, playing all his best tricks and jokes. But Gordon just huffs and puffs.

Will Thomas be able to give Gordon a surprise before the day is over? Or will Gordon surprise Thomas instead?

Thomas Scares the Crows
Based on Thomas Toots the Crows.
A flock of naughty birds are ruining Farmer McColl's cornfield. They are eating all of the seeds and tearing up the land!

While Farmer McColl fixes his scarecrow, Thomas promises to guard the field and hoot and toot all day long to keep the birds away.

But when two cheeky crows keep coming back, Thomas decides there's only one thing for it - a big chase! Will Thomas chase the crows away or will they come back and ruin Farmer McColl's field once and for all...?

Don't Bother Victor!
It's an exciting day when The Thin Controller puts Peter Sam in charge. He's given just one instruction: 'Don't Bother Victor!' But will Peter Sam be able to keep his word?

The Sounds of Sodor
Based on Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor.
When a famous composer comes to Sodor to write music for a concert, Thomas is very proud to be asked to take him round the island. The Composer wants to hear the sounds of Sodor to help him write his music.

Thomas is worried that his friends are so noisy with their wheeshing and whooshing that the Composer won't be able to hear the birdsong, the sea and all the other sounds of Sodor.

But the Composer has a different idea about just what the sounds of Sodor might be...

The five new Thomas Story Time books from Egmont hit UK book shelves on July 1st 2013.


Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

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