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Friday, 11 January 2013

'King of the Railway's characters and spoilers detailed

Details of the King of the Railway movie have begun to surface with characters and scenes being divulged.

From The Train Cellar's King of the Railway Wooden Railway page, a central star called Stephen is one of the newcomers who is to be based on George Stephenson's Rocket.

Stephen is one of the earliest engines ever built. Newer engines may be faster and stronger than Stephen, but what he lacks in terms of strength or speed Stephen makes up for with his positive spirit, sense of humor and knowledge.

A rusty version of Stephen, a passenger coach pack and his very own coaches will be among the new tie-in stock. The engine is to be involved in an important scene from the special as the Adventures of the Mine set explains.

Stephen is trapped in the mine! This play set, themed after the latest Thomas & Friends DVD King of the Railway, is packed with action and adventure to allow your child to re-enact some of the gripping moments.

Comes with a figure 8 track set, Stephen, Cargo car, treasure chest cargo with kings crown, crane and mine.

While other newbie Millie is only referred to as a small new engine, another by the name of Connor shares a connection with a second female locomotive.

Connor is a streamlined engine from the Mainland, designed for speed. He is excitable and energetic and like Caitlin, loves to race the other engines. Connor however, is better able to be patient than Caitlin.

Both Caitlin and Stephen's toy depictions are published on their pages. Less interestingly is a compulsory crane machine which however does provide more hints of moments due to appear in the film.

Castle Crane is tied to the Thomas and Friends tentpole King of the Railway. Crane arm has two positions and can extend out to pick up cargo on castle crane ledge.

Features one ledge you can transport cargo to. Includes Magnetic Cargo pieces, Gryffon as well as Castle Supply Crate and one cargo car.

The King of the Railway Wooden Railways from Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide later this year, coinciding with the release of King of the Railway: The Movie.

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