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Friday, 4 January 2013

'Thomas Classic Series' DVDs returns to Japan for two

Japan's Thomas Classic Series DVD range is to make a comeback for 2013 with two more titles.

Using the theme of accidents, たいへんだ!とまらない~ compiles six episodes with two from the Second Series, one from the Fifth and three from the Sixth Series.

A Close Shave, Percy's Predicament, Busy Going Backwards, Thomas the Jet Engine, Percy's Chocolate Crunch and Gordon Takes a Tumble star.

On the subject of being busy, いそげいそげ いそがしいぞ!! draws out one of each from the Third, Fourth and Seventh Series and three from the Sixth Series.

All at Sea, You Can't Win!, Harvey to the Rescue, No Sleep for Cranky, Jack Jumps In and The Grand Opening make up the collection.

たいへんだ!とまらない~ and いそげいそげ いそがしいぞ!! from Sony Creative Products Inc. hit Japanese DVD shelves on January 30th 2013.


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