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Friday, 23 August 2013

Alec Baldwin in line to be prime-time talk show host

Former narrator Alec Baldwin is reported to carve out a new career as a talk show host in the US.

The Hollywood actor, who became the storyteller for Thomas & Friends' Fifth and Sixth Seasons, is to present a primetime weekly chat show on MSNBC for a 10pm slot on Fridays.
Announced by political blog Mediaite earlier this month, the deal chronicles Baldwin's long association with the NBC owned network.

However, the actor hasn't escaped criticism from the limelight with many commentators lamenting the network's decision to sign up Baldwin.

Their previous show, popular sitcom 30 Rock, ran for seven seasons and ended in January earlier this year.

Thanks to PeterSam1992 for the alert.


  1. Great Actor but not good for Thomas!

  2. Well this I'm not surprised at. Liberal Baldwin on a liberal TV channel.