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Monday, 26 August 2013

'Animals Aboard' DVD set for Target exclusive release

A new DVD is to be available for US fans only to be released in Target stores this September.

Following Walmart's successful Railway Mischief launch, Animals Aboard will exclusively appear in Target stores shortly next month but will not feature previously unseen episodes.

Five episodes ranging from Season 13 to 15 join the animal themed release with two songs added as extras.
Percy's New Friends, Thomas and the Pigs, Henry's Good Deeds, Thomas' Tall Friend and Buzzy Bees star alongside the animated music videos Hear the Engines Coming and Determination.

The summary reads; All aboard as Thomas and his engine friends embark on exciting adventures with some new furry friends!

Percy learns to be gentle when meeting some small forest friends and Thomas goes hog-wild trying to be Really Useful for Farmer Trotter.
Henry performs a sweet deed in returning Sodor’s special songbird and Thomas must fulfill a tall order when he is asked to deliver the newest animal to Sodor’s Wildlife Center.

The engines are busy as bees being Really Useful and helping animals big and small.

Animals Aboard from Lionsgate Entertainment hits US DVD shelves on September 10th only at Target.

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