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Monday, 12 August 2013

Railway Series exhibition in Kotyo houses TV models

It has been revealed that more of the TV series models are currently on display in Japan.

A collection of the former engines' models join the Jack and the Pack versions of Thomas and Percy at the Railway Series Painting Exhibition in Kyoto.
The showcase of the books' origins opened in July that not only boasts digitally remastered artworks of The Railway Series but also relative guides on its history, specially created merchandise and rare memorabilia.

In a special area of the exhibition presenting the TV series models, one glass cabinet houses Gordon, Donald and Douglas with a station house accompanying.

Another prized display contains five of the narrow gauge engines in the forms of Rheneas in between Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Duncan and Rusty.

Thomas, EdwardHenry and James are also noted for exhibition purposes as are Toby, Oliver, Bill, Ben, Mavis and more. Nitrogen Studios' facilities and Drayton Manor's Thomas Land also display some more of the models.

Thanks to TheIronEngine, Thomas Stansfield and Puff Puff Thomas for the alerts.

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