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Friday, 2 August 2013

Season 17 half-hour show titles revealed for US by KET

Season 17's half-hour programs for the US have had their titles revealed by television station, KET.

Ten shows of the latest series' episodes will be broadcast on networks across the country in October.

Look & Listen, Fire & Water, Just Be Yourself, Someone to Look Up to and Peace & Quiet serve as the first five blocks.

Taking Turns, Spooky Charms, Tricks and Tales, Snow Stops Play and Tinsel & Train will subsequently follow.

PBS announced in May that the new shows will form as part of a weekday slot owing to an improvement in ratings.

The seventeenth series of Thomas & Friends begins airing on PBS Kids on October 7th 2013 and on local television stations across America.

Thanks to MrTrainfan1000 for the alert.


  1. These are not the eps, right?

  2. No, for US, they air two episodes in a half hour block that share a common moral or theme. :)