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Monday, 26 August 2013

Exclusive: 'Jack and the Pack' writer talks snow story

An episode set in the winter was initially planned for the Jack and the Pack spin-off series, Roll Along Thomas can reveal.

American writer Paul Dawson was approached to pen Oliversaurus and Snow Rescue in April and August 2002 respectively during the development of producer Phil Fehrle's construction site series.

Speaking to Roll Along Thomas, Dawson detailed on the scripts' origins; I found two scripts (Oliversaurus/Snow Rescue) from 2002. I had to rev up an old hard drive to find them.
They were written in a weird (nonconventional) script layout dictated by the production company.

Snow Rescue was ultimately never made, however, a brief synopsis was scripted by Paul; Jack is the new excavator in the Sodor Construction yard. What he lacks in enthusiasm he makes up in exuberance.

When the first big snowfall of the year traps a group of schoolkids high in the mountains, Jack is fitted with a shiny new snow plough blade and rumbles into heroic action.

Oliversaurus went on to become A Visit from Thomas unbeknownst to Dawson at the time; It's nice to hear it was made, I didn't even know that much. A further five stories were also written but didn't enter production.

Thanks to SteamTeam.

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