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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Diesels book reveals new special's last diesel

The new promotional book The Ultimate Diesel Guide has revealed the unknown third diesel in the next special along with the latter and the other two's names.

In a video posted by YouTube newcomer ThomasRocksification, the unseen diesel is dark blue with hazard stripes and the same shape as Diesel who is named Sidney.
The red monobrow diesel has been named Norman while the dark green diesel goes by the name of Paxton.

The book given away at Days Out with Thomas events also details on all Diesel Engines featured throughout the whole series, including Boco, Derek and Daisy.

The Ultimate Diesel Guide hits book shelves later this year coinciding with the release of the Day of the Diesels special later in the Autumn.


Thanks to PT Boomer for the alert.

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