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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Two make cameos all the reddy

One character painted red is due to have an episode to himself while another painted red has already has his.

Both of which made cameos in Wonky Whistle.
Flynn the Fire Engine cameod in the Fifteenth Season episode before his own lead in Fiery Flynn, a new episode due to broadcast last in the series on Monday 28th March.
Flynn did not speak but appeared near the end of the episode at Maithwaite Station. He is to be introduced in the Day of the Diesels special coming later this Autumn.

Bertie the Bus also appeared, but unlike Flynn, Bertie had a line and appeared at a level crossing.
The episode was written by Neil Ben.
Season Fifteen continues tomorrow on FIVE and FIVE HD in the UK at 7:30am with the episode, The Snowman.

1 comment:

  1. @TheTopHatts No thanks i don't feel like wacthing Wonky Whistle IMO. liked the cameos thoght just.. not the episode.