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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Season Finale has friends a plenty

The final episode of the Fifteenth Series of Thomas & Friends gave Flynn the Fire Engine a chance to establish himself.
Fiery Flynn saw the red coloured character in his own role which is set after Day of the Diesels.
The episode involved a flashback sequence which featured three scenes from the upcoming special, with one scene zoomed out in picture as seen in the trailer.

The season finale also presented a large cast including Day of the Diesels newcomers Paxton and Norman, both of which did not speak.
Cameos continued with appearances from Mavis, Emily, James, Captain, Henry, Toby, Whiff and Harold.

Hiro, Gordon, Thomas and Edward the steam engines played a role each along with Rocky while the diesel engines roles were filled in by Dart, Diesel and Den.
Flynn spoke enthusiasticly with an American accent and was voiced by Rupert Degas.
Day of the Diesels premieres later this Autumn coinciding with the launch of the Sixteenth Series.


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