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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Info on two of Sodor's new diesel trio

After the recent name tellings of the three new diesels due to be introduced in the Day of the Diesels  special, some information has been revealed on two of the diesels.

ThomasRocksification has revealed via The Ultimate Diesel Guide book, the descriptions on the newbies, Norman and Paxton.
Norman is a Diesel engine who often breaks down. If he were fixed properly, he would show what a Really Useful Engine he is.

Paxton is a young Diesel who likes the steam engines, especially Thomas. He can be a bit gullible, enabling other Diesels to take advantage of him.

The Ultimate Diesel Guide hits book shelves later this year coinciding with the release of the Day of the Diesels special later in the Autumn

Thanks to ThomasRocksification, Thomasfan and TTTE Wikia.


  1. Paxton sounds like the diesel equivalent to Percy.

  2. @ThomasPercyabdToby I agree

  3. i want all the engines, such as duck, oliver, rosie, derek, daisy, boco, diesel, mavis, stepney, and lady to appear

  4. I agree with ThomasPercyandToby, Paxton sounds like a Diesel version of Percy.