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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cover for 'Series Eleven' Auz DVD

ezydvd have revealed the cover for the next Complete Season release Down Under, Series Eleven.

The cover features another colour change to the background that has happend on each of it's preceding Complete Season releases.
The top right of the cover boasts a caption reading the duration of the DVD, Over 4 Hours.

The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series Eleven hits Australian/New Zealand DVD shelves on June 2nd 2011.

Thanks to BusterTheSteamroller for the alert.


  1. when will these episodes from this season be out on DVD in the USA? I am talking about the episodes from season 10 & 11.

  2. The cover's pretty much the same from season 1 - 10, still I'm going to get it, even though I got a copy from the UK, but I will get it to play on my TV.

  3. Errr, New Zealand is getting this as well, don't forget that. ;) I personally won't be getting this as I imported the season 1-11 box set. It's way cheaper.

  4. I wish the US had more season DVDs already. We don't even have season 2 yet :(