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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Exclusive: 'Day of the Diesels' US screens lose sponsor

It has been confirmed that Hit Entertainment have lost their sponsor from Marcus Theatres who have shown Thomas & Friends screenings in the US.

In an email sent by TheFattHatt1943 concerning a possible string of screenings of the Day of the Diesels special from Marcus, Communications and Marketing Manager, Carlos Petrick had this to say.

Unfortunately, it looks like we will not be playing this title in the near future. Our Thomas series was produced by HIT Entertainment and they have lost their major sponsor for the Thomas series.
Without a sponsor they are unlikely to put out another series anytime soon. I can tell you that if they ever do decide to play Thomas titles again, I will certainly try hard to get it in to our locations.

Despite this, PBS Kids will treat fans to a sneak peek of the special before it's DVD release on September 6th 2011 as revealed by Hit News Online.

Day of the Diesels premieres in Vue's Leicester Sqaure Cinema on September 16th 2011 and will be released on DVD 10 days later on September 26th.

Thanks to TheFattHatt1943 for the alert.


  1. Thank God! At least we won't get any ruined surprises this year, unlike last year from a certain someone (Sketchy2009Studios)...

  2. Same here, Sketchy2009Studios ruined the biggest surprise (The ending that is) , this news will prevent more sneak peaks coming out, If one comes out from lionsgate or PBS, that's ok, but recorded in a Cinema by a phone, i would not be happy, and neither would HiT.....

  3. I have to agree, at least the special won't be ruined with surprises. But since that Australia will get it early, I promise, I will not ruin anyone's surprise of the upcoming special.

    Although SS2009 is nice and honest guy, he did, of course, ruin the surprise of MIR.

  4. Why does everyone blame SS2009 for the entire thing?!

    I was the first one to reveal it on SI3D Forums, so if anything, I should get at least part of the critisism for spoiling it in the first place.

  5. i have to admit, the only spoilers i knew were the secret ending and the concept of E,J, and G Going on Misty island, but the secret ending did leave me spoiled a little,

  6. at least hit entertainment confirmed diesel, daisy, boco, mavis, the diesel, derek, 'arry, bert, diesel 10, splatter, dodge, salty, dennis, dart, den, norman, paxton, and sidney, along with all the other engines, such as Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, duck, donald, douglas, oliver, bill, ben, stepney, lady, Harvey, Emily, fergus, Arthur, Murdoch, spencer, Molly, neville, Rosie, whiff, billy, Stanley, Hank, flora, hiro, Charlie, bash, dash, Ferdinand, scruff, belle, and the rest of the engines in Thomas & friends series.

  7. @Anonymous

    *facepalm* Not all of them

  8. I liked how the ending to MIR was spoiled. It saved me the trouble of watching the entire movie, which I never did anyway.

  9. Ey startug here. Actually, I do believe the US will still have Day of the Diesels playing in certain theaters, just not Marcus. I watched The Great Discovery in a different theater when it came out, so I'm supposing that the Americans will still get it. If we don't get DOTD in theaters here, that just plain sucks.


  10. OMG! I never expected that to happen! The USA won't get to see it FIRST?! And what's strange is that the AUSSIES are getting to see it FIRST! No offence to USA, but when I heard about MIR I didn't want to get shown spoilers. But then people in the USA started showing the opening credits of the film. Because the credis looked so inviting, I waved the white flag and went onto Dailymotion to watch it. But now Austrailia gets it shown first, I think you won't be seeing any DOTD videos being on Youtube or Dailymotion anywhere.