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Friday, 6 May 2011

More game revamps for Japan

The official Japanese Thomas & Friends website have revamped some of their games with some additions.

Like the previously reported Name, Quiz and Silhouette games, the existing ones have been updated to tie-in with the CGI era of Thomas.

Race originally had Duck and Bertie as playable characters but have now been replaced by Hiro and Dash.
Along with this, Hiro has also succeeded Lady and Henry in the Journey and Decorate games respectively.

Next comes Puzzles where you can now piece together 6 puzzles based on the episodes Play Time, Misty Island Rescue, Hero of the Rails, Steamy Sodor, Time for a Story and The Biggest Present of All.

The cards have also been altered in Matching, the last of the updates featuring the cast of Misty Island Rescue however Emotions, Build and Party all remain the same.
The first of the new games called Whistle involves the player controlling Thomas to whistle whenever pedestrian from the children or animals get to close to the line.

The second also starring Thomas in Rail asks the player to assemble pieces of track to complete a connected layout so that Thomas could run on the rails and back to a local station.

Finally the last called Slide has 4 puzzles featuring Thomas, Percy, James and Hiro that need to be slided together to ressamble back into a connected picture.

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