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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

YouTube: Teasing 'All You Need' - The Remix

As promised, here are some teasers, spoilers and hints that you will eventually see in my remix of the All You Need song, very soon on YouTube.
- The music video will contain scenes from the Thirteenth Season, Misty Island Rescue and the Fourteenth Season of Thomas & Friends.
- The remix will be available to download as an mp3 in the description tab.
- Some clever image trickery has been added to certain scenes to remove the milkshake watermarks.
- At least eight scenes have had superimposed imagery added to them.
- This will be the first video of mine to be featured in 1080p HD, a move that will carry on for future videos.
- The beginning features a sequence of some characters along with a piece of Video FX that is very reminiscent to a previous video of mine.
- After the opening, you shall see that this music video will be the fastest paced yet!
- Due to the number of appearances by Thomas in the CGI series, certain scenes have either been removed or repositioned to allow more focus on other characters.
- A decision was made to feature a new end credits sequence that will change in some way for future videos, it has however already happend to two previous videos.
- The Island of Sodor ******* makes an appearance three times.
- An instrumental has been created that is included in two places.
- This remix runs at 4 minutes and 30 seconds, making it the longest remix out of all the music videos that I have done.
- Diesel 10 does not make an appearance, but *****r does.
- A Sing-A-Long version will be released 5 days later to appeal to a child friendly audience.

Thomas & Friends - TheTopHatts' 'All You Need' - Season Fourteen Music Video Remix arrives on YouTube on Friday June 3rd 2011 while a Sing-A-Long version will be released 5 days later on Wednesday June 8th.

1 comment:

  1. Diesel 10 does not make an appearance, butler does. ROFL