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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Small update on Sixteenth Series

The next series of Thomas & Friends is currently in the middle of completing it's voice recordings sessions.

Asked by TheFattHatt1943 on cast member Ben Small's official YouTube Channel as to the current progress of the recordings, a query was made.
I'd expect by now that you've recorded Series 16. Stupid question, but, have you begun recording Series 17 yet?

To which Small gave a brief reply; Still on 16!!, next recording on June 8th!! 

Season Sixteen is expected to air in Autumn/Winter time after the release of Day of the Diesels


  1. I hope this season isn't just a bunch of episodes using the three strikes your out method, like last season XP

  2. @The person up the top

    I believe it will be, but hey at least this is Sharon Miller's last season as a writer and we'll look forward to see what the new head writer AB will hold.

  3. I have been hearing flip-flop rumors that mid-season, writing will change. I don't know if it will, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for a great season. We might get the Narrow Guage engines back, but probably not in the best episodes.

  4. I hope that the Troublesome Trucks (the ones with faces) will return in Season 16. I hear that a new voice actor will join the cast. A person called Bob Golding, who will also be voicing one of the Narrow Gauge Engines (NG Engines will also appear in CGI aswell). I hope too, that the plots will be three strikes-you're out FREE!