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Sunday, 15 May 2011

More Mega Bloks sets due out

Mega Bloks are to roll out more Thomas & Friends sets including one tieing in with the Day of the Diesels special.

One of the new items is Tidmouth Sheds which comes with a turntable, some tracks and 4 sheds including an open one ideally for Toby who accompaines the set along with Thomas.
Next is a small set featuring Thomas racing down a slope in Thomas at the Races.

There will be a Working Hard at the Steamworks set based on the popular Steamworks location which comes with a shed, crane, track and models of Victor and Kevin.
Finally to tie in with the upcoming special Day of the Diesels, a set will be released featuring Diesel 10 and Percy in his largest role yet based on the special.

Two cranes, a track and a shed finish up the set in The Dieselworks.

The Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends sets will appear in UK & US stores soon.

Thanks to GeebMachine for the alert.

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