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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

'Diesel's Delivery' and 'Up and Away!' adapted for vtech

Two episodes from the Animated series have been picked up by vtech to join their e-book reader.

Diesel's Special Delivery and Up, Up and Away! are the duo that are now available on the V.Reader device in both the UK and the US.

Compacted into a card, the learning tool allows users to interact with the stories, play games, explore educational activities and more, with new voice material recorded by Michael Brandon for the US version.

VTechToys, who have uploaded a demonstration video onto YouTube, detail the product further; In this e-book for kids, your child will love reading about Thomas and Percy delivering Mr. Bubbles' big balloon to the Big Balloon show.

The fun continues with a second story that follows Diesel as he makes a special delivery. As your child plays with this V.Reader software, they will learn vocabulary, letters, syllables, and more!

Another addition to the voices is also noted in the video's description reading; Uses the real voices of Thomas, Percy and Diesel.

Thomas & Friends on the V.Reader from vtech is now available to buy in UK and US stores.

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