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Monday, 3 December 2012

Exclusive: 'Blue Mountain Mystery' for UK TV premiere

Blue Mountain Mystery is to gain a terrestrial broadcast on UK television this Christmas season.

Channel 5 is to debut the acclaimed movie during the Christmas celebrations, though no accurate dates and times are known.

As part of its milkshake! slot, the network's run has also involved the transmissions of fellow specials Calling All Engines!, Misty Island Rescue and Day of the Diesels.

Roll Along Thomas has presented a response returned from milkshake!; Blue Mountain Mystery is on over the Christmas period however we have not confirmed a date or a time but stay tuned to milkshake! for updates.

The announcement marks exactly three months to the day since Mystery was made available on DVD in the country.

Blue Mountain Mystery marks its UK TV debut on Channel 5 and Channel 5 HD this Christmas.

Thanks to SI3DFilms.

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