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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Licensing and Hit talk 'Day Out with Thomas' makeover

A recent advertisement for the Day Out with Thomas railway events in the UK has led to more details being spilled over its future.

The online trailer uploaded by the official Thomas & Friends YouTube in November teased a makeover for the rail tours. A variation on the Engine Roll Call opening theme is heard.

Now Licensing.biz have made an insight by mentioning that the updates will be in line with the CGI TV series, as will the launch of new activities at the events, new merchandise, a dedicated ticketing website and a TV campaign.

Hit Entertainment's Group Director for Live Attractions, David King spoke to Licensing over the changes.

Hit Entertainment has implemented these significant changes to our Day Out With Thomas events to create an even greater immersive experience for Thomas & Friends fans of all ages.

The forthcoming national advertising campaign is set to drive even greater numbers of visitors to these already popular events.

The Day Out with Thomas has since been revamped with details added on when visits by the engines will occur in the East, the North, Scotland and Wales.

Day Out with Thomas is now touring nationwide in the United Kingdom through to December 2013.


  1. Sounds all good, only letdown is that it does decrease the current number of Railways holding these weekends, if they go below 20 for 2014 that will be a bad sign...

  2. That theme is going to be all over videos any day now... -_-