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Monday, 17 December 2012

Hornby rejects new Thomas & Friends stock for 2013

Model makers Hornby have announced their 2013 range but have missed out a certain brand from the list.

In a U-turn and for the first time since 2010, new stock of Thomas & Friends are not part of Hornby's releases for the new year. In 2011, Murdoch's model resulted in acclaimed receptions from reviewers.

Earlier this year, Hornby insisted to Roll Along Thomas that the Thomas range was not over; We are not aware of any plans to stop or discontinue the Thomas and Friends range.

While the releases for the 2013 range will be announced at the end of this year, we are confident the Thomas and Friends range will continue.

In November, BBC News revealed a fall in sales in relation to their London Olympics merchandise. A reason that is thought to have attributed to Thomas' rejection was a 15% decline in general UK purchases.


  1. from a resellers point of view this is very sad news that once again the thomas range is such low priority, perhaps if more attention to release dates, better stock availability and more enthusiasm then the range would do much better. In the USA Bachmann put a lot more effort and I'm sure Sales reflect.

    Keep up the good work Rollalongthomas

    Peep Peep Thomas

  2. Seems like Hornby used to be really proud of their Thomas line; it's now almost like they hardly know about it. I have quite a few of the Hornby Thomas products, and they aren't half bad. They've got an advantage in the UK cause the Bachmann USA stuff doesn't sell there.