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Friday, 14 December 2012

'Go Go Thomas' reworked for 2012 on 'Sticky Situations'

Ever popular song, Go Go Thomas has had alterations injected on its lyrics with the US the first to realise.

Available as an extra on the December Sticky Situations DVD, the changes begin to occur before the chorus section with the most notable coming at 25 seconds in.

On the tracks, though the trees, over the hills and by the sea, on the way for work and play, really useful every day!

Edward, Emily, James and Toby too, Gordon, Henry, Percy coming through, Thomas and friends all know what to do, they're the really useful crew!

To avoid referencing Hiro's secret restoration from Hero of the Rails, the line, all the friends are helping him out, removes the word him completely, with Sam Blewitt reprising his singing role to dub the new lyrics.

Scenes from Season Sixteen replace existing footage from the aforementioned special in the video while a small dose of Season Fourteen and Day of the Diesels clips are thrown in to keep up to date with the intervening years.

Furthermore, sound bytes of the engines' whistles and background noise for the vocals attribute to more ambience. Engine Roll Call was the first song to apply the same actions.

Sticky Situations from Lionsgate Entertainment is available to buy on US DVD.

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