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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Official website adds steam, diesel and electric to depot

The Thomas & Friends website has at last added the remaining Animated era engines to the Engine Depot.

With calls from fans running consistently for sometime, the official website has finally taken action to respond to the many pleas for updates on the character profiles.

Successfully, Season Fourteen's Scruff, Season Sixteen's Stafford and Day of the Diesels' Norman, Paxton and Sidney are available to read and weep on the site.

More so, the CGI incarnation of Whiff has replaced its Season Eleven photo on the respective profile.

A background into Norman's relation with another diesel is explained; Norman is Dennis’ twin and a diesel engine who often breaks down. If he were fixed properly, he would show what a Really Useful Engine he is.

The caring side of Paxton is elaborated; Paxton is a young, gentle diesel who likes the Steamies, especially Thomas. He can be a bit gullible, enabling other Diesels to take advantage of him.

Scruff's relationship with Whiff is also talked about; Scruff the Scruncher is a boxy steam engine. He loves being dirty and doesn’t like being cleaned.

He’s a kind engine who often hides in sidings when others want to take him to the washdown. Scruff loves working with Whiff at the Waste Dump.

The reasoning for Sidney's lack of screen time follows with a never before mentioned cut scene; Sidney is a bit of a forgetful engine. He starts his day at one location and ends up at another, not remembering how he got there!

When it was his turn for repair at the Dieselworks, he was hoisted up and had his undercarriage removed. Being patient, Sidney was happy to wait...and wait...and wait.

He sat there happy to pass the time with any engine that happened to be visiting. Percy helped him get a new set of wheels and now he’s back on track!

An insight into Stafford reveals an unbeknown character trait;  Stafford is an electric engine who runs on batteries. He is very helpful and has a great sense of humour.

His range isn't as far as the Steamies and the Diesels. He often needs to remind the other Sodor engines that his batteries are low and need charging.

Lastly, Whiff's gullible side is detailed; Whiff’s has a look and a smell all of his own! He's a cheery, little tank engine with a very special job - he collects rubbish!

Whiff doesn't care about his appearance, he only cares that he gets the job done. Whiff loves collecting rubbish and doesn’t notice the turned up noses he passes along the way.


Thanks to TinyGordon for the alert.


  1. Good Golly, if I counted right there are over 100 characters listed on the site!

  2. The bit mentioning "Percy helped him get a new set of wheels and now he’s back on track." now looks to have been removed.

  3. Very nice and long awaited additions! Thank you for breaking the news!