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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Duck return role confirmed for 'Henry's Hero' episode

It has been confirmed that the returning character of Duck will appear in a new episode this June.

The Great Western engine is to play a role in Henry's Hero, the seventh story in Season Seventeen's UK run, opposite main characters Henry and Hiro, Freeview has revealed.

It is not known if Duck, last seen in Season Twelve, will appear in some of the episodes preceding his comeback.

The summary reads; Henry and Hiro are both very strong engines, but one day as they are working together they both start to billow dark smoke from their funnels.

Duck tells them that they must have taken on some of the bad coal that was delivered that morning.

Henry is worried that the bad coal will damage his firebox, while Hiro wants to keep on puffing and deliver their heavy load on his own. Will Hiro be able to manage without Henry's help?

The brand new seventeenth series of Thomas & Friends marks its world premiere on Channel 5 milkshake! in the UK on June 3rd 2013 with the episode, Kevin's Cranky Friend.


  1. I really do hope that fans actually judge the episode based on the story that's told, not just think it's instantly the best one because of Duck. They have done that far too often on so many episodes that haven't deserved any praise at all...

    1. *cough* Don't Bother Victor*cough*

    2. ^^Agreed!! This could turn out to be the worst episode of the season. Having Duck there wouldn't make it any better if the storyline is crap. I really only trust Andrew Brenner's stories at the moment. They are the only ones that have shown an improvement.

  2. I do like Duck, but I hope the fan base care more about the story then just his comeback. When it comes to a good episode don't rely on characters. The only way to make a good episode is a good story. So far in S17, we have many good stories even without Duck! So I really hope the fan base care more about the story then Duck's comeback.

  3. I agree. We should not judge episodes by characters, We should also take a good look on stories. Anyways, If they have revealed more information about Henry's Hero, Then What About Calm Down Caitlin, Luke's New Friend, The Switch...?