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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Poundland introduces classic Thomas 'Treat Size' DVDs

Poundland have re-introduced classic childrens TV series on DVD for a modern audience.

The UK's bargain merchant have brought back Angelina Ballerina, Pingu, Fireman Sam and Thomas & Friends for their Treat Size Introduces... range.

Each release contains select episodes from a brands' early series' with Walk Investments Ltd. providing distributions.

In a somewhat nod to the original VHS releases, six episodes have each been incorporated into Thomas in Trouble, Thomas & the Breakdown Train, Thomas & Bertie and Edward's Exploit.

While the bbfc confirmed the content for two of the discs in April, four more are reportedly in the works with Thomas, Percy and the Coal, The Runaway, Thomas Comes to Breakfast and Edward and Gordon all identified.

Treat Size Introduces... Thomas & Friends from Walk Investments Ltd. are available to buy on DVD in Poundland stores across the UK for £1 each.

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