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Thursday, 16 May 2013

New series for June world premiere on UK's Channel 5

The Seventeenth Season has been confirmed to hit TV screens in the UK this June on Channel 5.

The hotly anticipated new series will have its world premiere on the milkshake! slot, with narrator Mark Moraghan's appointment now officially confirmed by the press.

Despite itv revealing the airdate first, Moraghan gave an extended interview with the Liverpool Echo on joining Thomas.

It is fantastic to be associated with such an iconic series and a great legacy for my children and grandchildren. I am very proud to be part of it.

Hit Entertainment's Head of Content and Production at Programme-Making, Michael Carrington talked of what appeals to Mark's narration.

The voices of the series are almost as iconic as the little engine himself and Mark's lyrical, understated storytelling complements the on-screen action beautifully.

Licensing.biz have also reported that there will be some focus on the new faces, Millie, Connor and Caitlin while the episodes will see the engines embark on escapades to ensure the smooth running [on] the tracks of Sodor.

The brand new seventeenth series of Thomas & Friends marks its world premiere on Channel 5 milkshake! in the UK on June 3rd 2013.


  1. i need to know the names of the episodes, then what character it would be about, and who is going to be appearing or returning in the series, because june 3rd is not far, and its in 3 weeks, thats why i need to know all the details and whats confirmed to air soon. i am wondering if the episodes have been made already.

    1. As we know absolutely NOTHING about the season past those five episodes, I'd suggest you tone it down. In the event this is the actual date, it's THREE WEEKS until the episodes air. Instead of asking and annoying people on sites by asking them things NOBODY KNOWS, just chill. Nobody knows what the episodes will be, who will be in the episodes, what order the episodes will be, none of that. So just chill and wait. All you're doing now is looking like an annoying pest by badgering people who know as much as you do. If we knew more, you'd know. Until then, just chill and calm down.

  2. It's not fair? Well that's just tough I suppose, we'll have to wait.