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Thursday, 16 May 2013

'Lift & Haul' mini-game app launched by Funny Garbage

Hit Entertainment have launched another Thomas & Friends app for all Apple's touch screen devices.

Lift & Haul by Funny Garbage is the latest to enter the App Store where a selection of six games are playable at easy and hard difficulty levels.

Keith Wickham resumes narration duties while an assortment of characters feature in the games with Thomas, James, Percy and Blue Mountain's Merrick, Owen and Luke all starring.

The description reads; Your kids will love learning about the daily lives of the engines, how they work together, and make new friends!

Each game focuses on the engines daily activities including lifting and hauling gravel, cutting and sorting stones, playing hide and seek, and readying themselves for another exciting day of work.

Easy and hard modes ensure that kids of every level will enjoy the fun. Help Merrick sort shapes and colors in Quarry Match! See how many shapes you can cut in Stone Shape Cutter!

Patch up James, Percy and Thomas when they bust a gasket in Boiler Spoiler! Service the engines at the depot in Load up, Wash Down!
Help Owen load gravel onto Thomas’ cars in Rock Drop! Find Luke the mystery engine in Hide and Peep!

Little engineers are guaranteed to enjoy hours of fun playing with Thomas & Friends while they test their reflexes, dexterity, and ability to match shapes and colors.

Interestingly is the origins of the games set on the Blue Mountain Quarry which made their first appearances on the Blue Mountain Mystery minisite.

Music from Robert Hartshorne and Sam Blewitt's sing-a-long songs assist the app.

Lift & Haul from Hit Entertainment and Funny Garbage is available to buy on the App Store on iTunes.

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