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Friday, 24 May 2013

Second week of UK Season Seventeen episodes revealed

The second set of episodes from the new Season Seventeen for the UK have been detailed on digiguide.

The latest series directed by David Baas and animated by Arc Productions, is on course for broadcast on Channel 5 milkshake! on June 3rd.

Stafford stars in a previously seen episode while returnees Hiro, Charlie and Luke each gain their own, the latter serving in two installments.

Steamie Stafford
Stafford, the electric engine, asks Thomas to teach him to make a sound like a proper engine. But when is it useful to be quiet?
Also on Channel 5 HD and an hour later on Channel 5+1.

Henry's Hero
Henry and Hiro take on some of the bad coal and start puffing black smoke. Will Hiro be able to deliver their loads when Henry goes back to the shed?
Also on Channel 5 HD and an hour later on Channel 5+1.

Luke's New Friend
Up at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Luke finds a scared young deer, so he tries to get the other engines to work quietly. But that is not an easy thing to do.
Also on Channel 5 HD and an hour later on Channel 5+1.

The Switch
When Luke is sent to Ulfstead Castle to deliver stone, he meets Millie, the Earl's private narrow gauge engine. They decide to switch jobs for the day.
Also on Channel 5 HD and an hour later on Channel 5+1.

Not Now, Charlie
Charlie is a small purple engine who likes to tell jokes. One day Charlie discovers an elephant on the line and tries to alert the other engines.
Also on Channel 5 HD and an hour later on Channel 5+1.

The brand new seventeenth series of Thomas & Friends marks its world premiere on Channel 5 milkshake! in the UK on June 3rd 2013 with the episode, Kevin's Cranky Friend.


  1. Sounds good, but the episode with Henry and Hero sounds like a rewrite of the last episode. Henry doesn't need special coal any more, doesn't Hit Entertainment know that?

    1. It might just be bad coal like in 'Out of Puff' there's not even a mention of special coal anywhere in the description

  2. Nice to see the narrow gauge being featured

  3. Really looking forward to Lukes new friend and the switch

  4. This ought to be interesting indeed, especially for the second week of airing :D