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Friday, 17 May 2013

'King of the Railway' book enters Augmented Reality

A King of the Railway book due out in September will make use of several Augmented Reality apps.

Simply named after the upcoming special, the title has been given the advantage of interacting with smartphones and tablets.

By using an Apple device or an Android, a virtual reality of events is expanded to the viewer when directing such device on a particular spot. Instructions on how to are available in the book.

The description also tells more on the special; This is a wonderful companion to the new special film King of the Railway.

It features profiles on all the much-loved Thomas and Friends characters - plus all you need to know about the new faces in the new film - Stephen, Millie, Caitlin and Connor and the Earl of Sodor.

You can read up on the most exciting moments from King of the Railway - the arrival of the Earl of Sodor, the race between Gordon and Spencer, the runaway train and when Stephen comes off the track and ends up lost in the old mine.
There are also four amazing Augmented Reality sequences supported by a free app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

Drive Thomas around your room, help repair Stephen into a bright, new engine, who will win the race - Gordon or Spencer? And help Thomas load the cargo crates.

The King of the Railway Augmented Reality book from Carlton Kids hits UK book shelves on September 12th 2013.

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