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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blog: Background revamp in the works

To make my blog look more styled and more productive, I am to change the background, after thinking of the current background's dullness.

I am half way through finishing the new one which will feature most of the characters from the CGI Series of Thomas & Friends.

The new version will retain the banner, but will have all the characters at the bottom to be placed in small images on the sides of the page.
The images shall have an artistic style based on The Railway Series artworks as seen in the books giving the feeling that the blog is for long time, TV Series and Railway Series fans.

Back to the banner where The Fat Controller and maybe one another charatcer will be placed beside or near Thomas while some additional text could be possible.

Be on the look out for when the new background will surface and trust me, you will like it!

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