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Friday, 22 April 2011

Poll Results: Season Fifteen on DVD?

My poll since more than two weeks ago looked at what kind of reception would Season Fifteen of Thomas & Friends get if DVD release's of it's episodes came into fruition.

Over 209 votes took place with 8 categories over fans decisions on buying the most recent series on DVD.
It was almost unanimous that 39.23% of 100 votes agree to buying Season Fifteen episodes on DVD.

What strikes me is how much fans would like to see the new series on home releases which can include the Down at the Station and Mr. Perkins extras, although this dosen't neccesarily count, this is about Season Fifteen.

More than half of the Yes category would rather Wait for a complete series release to come out as the second result shows with 18.66%.

8.61% of you would give yourselves a long think whether to buy the episodes or not as the third result calls on the Maybe decision.
The fourth result sees a tie between a decision on not purchasing the newest episodes and the dependence on what episodes you would enjoy or not when deciding on possible DVD releases with No and Depends which episodes are on which release, coming in at 8.13% each.

The next one was the one that I went for.

Only buying because of the CGI recieved 7.66% of the votes which shows the amount of fans wanting to watch these stories partly or mostly due to Nitrogen Studios' wonderful animation. I have been truly stunned as to the way that they have brought Sodor to life for a new generation and have no qualms over it.

The penultimate decision relies on dedicated Thomas fans who Would buy to complete own series collections in terms of owing this series on DVD to own all episodes of the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends history and cherish it forever with their ultimate collection. 5.26% of the votes liked this decision.
Finally, fans who would Never buy Season Fifteen releases. Those who would be critical over it would rather pass on due to it's declined writing, switched character personalities and unrealisticness. 4.31% went for this.

I really enjoyed making this survey and was pleased at how much people took part in it so for anyone who is out there or know me, thank you for viewing and thank you for voting. So there we have it. After a survey that I really wanted to try, you, would rather buy Season Fifteen when releases of it come out.

Or would you.......?
The results of the Season Fifteen on DVD? poll

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