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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The 'Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks' comes to Germany

Day of the Diesels has entered foreign territory with the feature-length special arriving in Germany.

Translated as Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks, the film is currently being screened in select theatres with four dates in November remaining left.

The schedule below shows the last cities in the country due to screen the film in the weekends which will end on November 9th 2011.
Cinemaxx Darmstadt in Darmstadt at 13:30uhr/15:15uhr on November 1st 2011.
Kinopolis Rhein-Neckar in Viernheim at 11:30uhr/13:15uhr on November 2nd 2011.
Rex Kinos in Wetzlar at 13:30uhr/15:15uhr on November 8th 2011.
Gießener Kinos in Gießen at 11:30uhr/13:15uhr on November 9th 2011.

The complete schedule can be found on the Official Thomas & Seine Freunde facebook page where two trailers promoting the film are available to watch.

Dampfloks gegen Dieselloks starts it's November cinema run in select theatres starting from November 1st to 9th 2011.
Thanks to TOPPictures for the alert.

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