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Thursday, 8 September 2011

'Day of the Diesels' on iTunes Australia and US

iTunes in Australia and the US have released the Day of the Diesels special both in it's entirety's to be purchased.

The British language speaking version can be bought for $9.99 Australian Dollars, where the running time comes in at 57 minutes and 28 seconds.

A preview clip is also available, by pressing the play button, part of the beginning scene of the special is shown for 30 seconds featuring the voices of Michael Angelis and Ben Small.
Meanwhile the American version can either be rented for $3.99 American Dollars, also rented in HD for $4.99 and can be bought at the price of $9.99.

The run time for the US version comes in alternatively at 1 hour 13 seconds while a modified version of the second trailer can be viewed by clicking the View Trailer tab.

Day of the Diesels is now available to purchase on iTunes Australia and iTunes United States.

Thanks to TMRReturns for the alert.

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