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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Deliveries mean hard work for Trackmaster and Take-n-Play engines

Three more sets have been revealed for the Take-n-Play and Trackmaster product ranges.

Talking Thomas & Percy Hard at Work from the Take-n-Play series sees Thomas and Percy pull a truck of coal and a truck containing pipes respectively.

Both engine models include the talk function by pressing the button on top of each engines cabs.
Onto Trackmaster with the Dieselworks Delivery pack that includes a load carrying a generator, a fuel wagon truck and a Dieselworks van.

Lastly is Talking James at the Farm which has a talking Trackmaster James with a truck reading McColl's Farm. The image for the set uses a modified version of the James model but doesn't affect the one included with the set.

The description for the product reads; James has a very busy day at McColl's farm! The barn door swings open so you can feed hay into James' cargo truck. James talks and makes fun engine sounds.

The new sets will be available in shops worldwide later this year.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

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