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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kleinman confirms Tomy involvement in Hit sale

Sky News' City Editor, Mark Kleinman has revealed another company entering the wrangling sale of Hit Entertainment.

Toy maker Tomy, who for the present day make many Thomas & Friends products over in Japan are now linked to the buyout.
Mattel was previously in the forefront of the sale with discussions having taken place with Apax Partners.

Disney, Hasbro, Viacom and many other companies are also still in line for the takeover.

Thanks to Ajani for the alert.


  1. Mattel wouldn't be such a bad owner would it?

  2. @SteamTeam I'd rather have them than Disney :P

  3. Me too. Disney would be awful :L

  4. Disney would make Thomas ten times more worse, my guess they'll make the characters more americanised and it will take away the British background of TTTE for the world.

    Tomy may not be a bad choice, after all, they did had a wonderful wide range of battery Thomas toys before Fisher Price took over. After all some fans of the show did collect them and I did as well. Mattel's not bad either, they would be better than Disney. Have you seen their channel? It's bad!

  5. An interesting thought, and probably the only way Thomas fans like us would accept Thomas with Disney, would be if Pixar was in charge of everything Thomas! Good thought that will never happen, maybe... :P