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Monday, 19 September 2011

"Winter Holidays" term for Christmas hits church with dislike

Episodes of Thomas & Friends have been blasted by political correctness campaigners and churches over replacing a common word during the Winter.

The newer episodes made by Hit Entertainment have often been celebrating christmas parties but rather renaming christmas, Winter Holidays.
Fans have since complained over the term but none has been more public than the campaigners and church leaders who have hit out.

A Catholic Church spokesperson said; It would be a great shame if political correctness were to wipe out the true meaning of Christmas for children, even to the extent of interfering in classic children's stories.


  1. wow, i wasn't expecting somthing like this. criticizing a show for not saying the term "merry Christmas" anymore. i agree with this. why did they change it to Winter Holidays? that what i wanna know.

  2. The winter holiday thing is normal in USA.