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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Feature: What, When, Will, Why and How of the 'Day of the Diesels'

It is the month of Day of the Diesels in Britain where the hour long episode will roll into Vue Cinemas and on DVD/Blu Ray.

What would you be doing when it's out? When will you see it? Will you see it? Why will you see it and How will you see it? This feature exclusive to the Roll Along Thomas Blog wants to hear from you detailing on the five points in your own words.

TheTopHatts' Summary;
What? - I will be travelling from my hometown Worthing, West Sussex all the way up to London via train, grab a bus to Finchley Road's Vue Cinema inside the 02 Shopping Centre, where I will be reuniting with my six YouTube real life friends. We will be joined by three more allies from the Thomas fandom.

When? - I will see it on Saturday September 17th at 10:30am.

Will? - Of course I will see it! The response to the movie has so far been positive and it looks to be an exciting hour of Thomas.

Why? - Whenever there's a new Thomas TV product on, I will always watch it and never miss an episode or special when it comes out which explains my love of the franchise ever since I started at 2 years of age and still going strong.

How? - Me and the rest shall see it in high definition via the cinema screen in VIP seating which was my suggestion to the pack, another plus to have a good day.
So there is my summary on those five little questions, now it's your turn...

Please comment just below this post to write your opinions on the five questions based on the subject.


  1. What? I will be going to my nearest Vue cinema in Newcastle-under-Lyme with my brother and his girlfriend. Might do something after, but not sure yet

    When? Saturday September 17th, 10:30am

    Will? I'd love to see people try and stop me seeing it :P

    Why? I must admit, I've seen the US version and that has got me really excited to see the UK version. Besides, I've been a fan for as long as I can remember, and that won't be changing any time soon.

    I'll be sitting in the front row (hopefully :P) of the widescreen showing of the special, and I shall also be getting the DVD.

  2. What? I will be going to my nearest VUE cinema which is in Reading Berkshire On My Own Before Heading Off To An Exhibition

    When? Saturday 17th September 2011 At 10:30am

    Will: OF COURSE From Seeing Different Trailers & Reading About It This Is Going To Be A Huge Achievement By HIT

    Why? Like Many Others I Did Watch The US Stream On YouTube A Day After It's US Broadcast But It Has Made Me REALLY Excited To See The UK Version Of The Special I've Been A Fan Of Thomas Ever Since I Was A Toddler & That Is NOT EVER Gonna Change

    How? I Will Ever be Somewhere In The Center Of The ViP Section Of Right At The Back So I Can See Clearly & Becuase in The Past For Hero Of The Rails & Misty Island Rescue, I've Been Right At The Front Giving Me Quite A Neck Cramp From Stretching It Right Up & YES I Am Definatly Getting The DVD Infact I'm Getting The blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

    BTW This Is lg77612

  3. What? - I'll be getting through the post
    When? - Hopefully the day it's released (September 26th)
    Will? - Of course I will
    Why? - Because its Thomas
    How? - On my DVD player

    XD - Not quite as exciting as the rest of you, is it? lol

  4. What? - I'll be walking to my local Vue cinema in Romford to see the film on the silver screen. Afterwards I will be going for lunch at Frankie and Benny's.

    When? - Saturday 17th September, 10:30am.

    Will? - Of course I will!

    Why? - I always watch new Thomas shows, be they episodes or specials.

    How? - Well first of all I'll be seeing it on the big screen in a packed cinema, then 9 days later I shall be watching the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack on my HDTV.

  5. What? - I'll be seeing the film at the Vue near the Doncaster Dome with thanks to HiT for the kind invite
    When? - Saturday 17th September, 10:30am.
    Will? - Its a Thomas film i'd not want to miss
    Why? - I always see the newest films
    How? - I will have the DVD either in a goody bag from HiT or bought from HMV....

  6. What? - I'll be off to O2 Cinemas at Finchley Road with TheTopHatts and other friends I've met last year.

    When? - Saturday 17th September, 10:30am.

    Will? - You'd bet I jolly will be going to see it, plus I haven't even tempted myself to see the whole of US version uploaded on YouTube. (Lucky me)

    Why? - Quite naturally, I seen lots of series and specials on Thomas and Friends, and I bet this one will just as good as either Hero of the Rails or Misty Island Rescue put together.

    How? - It depends when I shall be getting there via tube by 9:30am, and get my tickets before then.