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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

'Early stages' for Chorion and Thomas

Chorion who is the company responsible for making various children series including The Mr. Men Show are reportedly in early stages to make a deal with Hit Entertainment over the future of Thomas.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Speculation that Chorion is closing in on a $700 million deal to acquire Thomas the Tank Engine from Apax is very premature according to people involved in the sale.

No deal is imminent. Plans are all in the very early stages, said the source, pointing out that banking and financial advisors have yet to be appointed to any potential disposal of the global franchise.


  1. I think a Chorion deal would be the best. I've seen their version of the Mr Men and it's really good. As long as the CGI stays with Nitrogen Studios and as long as Disney don't get their money-hungry claws on it, then I'm happy

  2. There's only one person in the world of television that understands Thomas, and that of course is Britt Allcroft, but she wouldn't go back, but who can be worse than HiT, Disney may have a great respect for Thomas and the rev. W. Awdry, you never know, they may try to bring the show's fomar glory back if they took over.

  3. would you rather see Thomas owned by Disney or Viacom?...I don't see a bright future for Thomas on that track but Chorion is a great choice, I hope they buy the rights and I hope that the CGI would stay with Nitrogen Studios because they put their own hearts and soul into this show to make it better.

  4. No I rather not see thomas thomas get "wrecked".